Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) includes the following types:

• Leaf or Looseleaf

• Romaine/Cos

• Crisphead

• Butterhead

• Woju

• Summercrisp

• Stem

• Oilseed

Captiva Verde Farms grows the following varieties of looseleaf lettuce:

• Red Oak Leaf

• Green Oak Leaf

• Lollo Rosa

• Red Romaine

• Green Romaine

• Tango


Lettuce originated in the Mediterranean region and was cultivated in Egypt around 2680 BC. Its use spread to the Greeks and Romans and then throughout Europe. Columbus brought lettuce to the Bahamas and colonist John Winthrop Jr. brought lettuce seeds to New England from England in the 1600s.

Nutrition Highlights

Lettuce varieties vary in nutritional value. The darker green the variety, the more Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene it contains. Lettuce is also high in potassium and like all vegetables provides dietary fiber.

Lettuce contains flavonoids, with green leaf varieties providing quercitin, and red leaf providing cyanidins.

Detailed Nutrition

Raw Lettuc


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